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So…How did it all start?

So how did Kupcake Heaven come to be? Well, it all began in January 2012 at the first birthday party of the daughter of our Founder and Head Baker, Rowena Naidoo.

Having developed a love for sweet treats from a young age, Rowena started baking from the age of just 8 years old. By the age of 12, she was already wowing her family with amazing desserts and cakes. As the years followed, this passion grew and grew and she continued to perfect and master her recipes, and experiment with new ones. But as with most of us, her dreams of being a great baker were put on hold when she was forced to study IT to get into a more sustainable career. She then pursued a career in this field and now owns a very successful web design and corporate branding business.

Whilst continuing in this line of work, her passion for baking never stopped. So it went without saying, that when her first child was born, she would bake the birthday cake and cupcakes. Her friends and family were amazed and couldn’t get over the superb flavours  and texture of the cakes.After being requested by one of her friends, owners of a very prominent chain of coffee shops in South Africa, to supply them with cupcakes, Rowena went to bed that night and had a dream that changed her life forever.

She awoke the next morning and excitedly said to her husband that she had to pursue this lifelong dream of hers  – she had dreamt of the company name, the company colours, the company logo, and exactly what she would specialise in – CUPCAKES, made with only real & organic ingredients! She insisted it was a sign and that she had to pursue it. With the love and support of her dear husband, within the next week Kupcake Heaven was born and she had instantly become the preferred cupcake supplier to her friendsfranchise of coffee shops throughout KZN.

Within the next few months, just by word of mouth to friends and family, Rowena had established a good amount of consistent orders both privately and via the franchise, and loads of extremely happy customers. This enabled her to take her business to the next level and start thinking about proper premises, equipment and staff. Whilst this is still in progress, her venture continues to grow. She has recently introduced her new Gourmet Range and has started supplying the well-known franchise in Gateway, Durban – Tasha’s.