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Disclaimer – Kupcake Heaven


There is a 50% deposit required to reserve your date. In the event of cancellation, your deposit is NON-


Total contract price is due 1 week prior to your wedding/event date. The cake/cupcakes will not be made if final payment has not been received. We are happy to accept payments on the final contract price – however, all monies must be paid and received 1 week prior to event. If you miss your final payment date all previous payments are non-refundable and are not recoverable in the event of total cancellation.


Changes to your cake/cupcake order; size, description, flavour etc. will be accepted three weeks prior to the wedding date. Charges may apply. After the lock out date of three weeks, we can- not accept changes.


Kupcake Heaven will package up your cake(s) as best as possibly to protect them and label the box FRAGILE – EDIBLE GOODS. Kupcake Heaven does not take any responsibility for cakes/cupcakes sent by post or courier service; once the courier has taken ownership of the cakes/cupcakes i.e. taken the cakes off the premises and put them in the courier vehicle. Should the cakes/cupcakes be damaged during transit, Kupcake Heaven will not be held accountable and no compensation will be given. All cakes should be inspected upon receipt of delivery.


all non-edible decorations will be highlighted to the Client during the order confirmation process, or on collection or delivery and it will be the responsibility of the Client to convey this to their guests and venue.

Kupcake Heaven accepts no responsibility for any physical harm that may occur from the use of non-edible decorations.


Stands are to be returned within 5days of the collection/delivery date, should they be returned after the 5day period, returned broken or damaged, returned unwashed or not returned at all, you will be held liable for any inconveniences caused to Kupcake Heaven and a monetary compensation will be required at the discretion of Kupcake Heaven. Please wipe down all noticeable food or foreign material off the rented equipment or sets.


Should you cancel your order before 7 days of the delivery/collection date, any monies already paid/still due from date of invoice, will be forfeited/due in full. However should you cancel after 7 days of the delivery/collection date and the cake/cupcakes has been started, you will be charged for the items made to date and any monies already paid/still due from date of invoice, will be forfeited/due in full. If the cake/cupcakes has been completed when you cancel your order, you will need to pay in full for the order placed and all deposits and monies already paid will be forfeited.

If you cancel after 7 days of the delivery/collection date or if the cake/cupcakes has been completed when you cancel you will not be entitled to take any items from the cancelled order that have been started or completed and you will still be charged in full for those items.


Kupcake Heaven will deliver cakes/cupcakes anywhere in South Africa and we will give you a quote once your order has been taken and confirmed. Your time and date of the wedding or event will be required on the day you confirm your order. If you chose delivery, then we will liaise directly with your chosen venue or your chosen wedding co-coordinator to confirm all delivery details. A delivery time will be confirmed within a week of your wedding date. Please note that we may be unable to deliver your cake/cupcakes to the venue due to adverse or unforeseen weather conditions that may cause the venue to become inaccessible. It is therefore highly recommended that insurance is taken out to cover you for this and all eventualities.

The client will provide clear driving instructions to location and inform Kupcake Heaven of any adverse road hazards and/or obstacles that may hamper the delivery and quality of finished cakes (please note excessive jarring due to “pot holes”, road construction or unseen road conditions, will damage the finished product to an unstable or undesirable status). Please be aware that the carrier will deliver the goods to the address provided in good faith and we cannot accept responsibility if the intended recipient is unavailable for any reason.

If we have to wait for any reason after the agreed delivery time (such as locked building, tables not set up, designee not on time) you will be billed at R350 per hour. Also be aware that we are a busy bakery and your cake/cupcakes is possibly not the only order we have to delivery on this day, so we will not be late for any other scheduled deliveries that day. If we must leave without setting up your cake/cupcakes, your cake/s will be delivered at the next earliest opportunity and might mean that your cake may not be set up in time for your event at no fault to us, and without refund.


In the case of an unavoidable occurrence, such as a car accident, poor road conditions, traffic during delivery etc. Kupcake Heaven CANNOT be held liable for any delays or damages to the cake, however, we will try our very best to ensure that alternate arrangements are made to ensure that you are not completely without cake on the day of the wedding/event. We shall not be liable for any delay or inability to perform our obligations to you if such delay is due to any cause whatsoever beyond our reasonable control and you will not be entitled to a refund.


Upon collection of your cake/s, any outstanding money will have to be paid. Kupcake Heaven will not be liable should the customer believe there are any problems with the cake once it has left the premises. This includes design, color or the bake of the cake/s.

If we have to wait for any reason after the agreed pick up time, you will be billed at R350 per hour. Also be aware that we are a busy bakery and your cake/s is possibly not the only cake we have to output on this day, so we will not be late for any other scheduled deliveries that day. If we must leave without you collecting your cake/s, your cake/s can be collected at the next earliest opportunity and might mean that your cake/s may not be set up in time for your event at no fault to us, and without refund. The correct transportation guidelines will be given to you upon collection and should these not be followed and result in damage to the cake/s in any way whatsoever, Kupcake Heaven will again not be held liable for such damages.


All cakes/cupcakes should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight on a flat surface and in the fridge when advised, unless specifically advised not to. No preservatives or additives are used in Kupcake Heaven products therefore they should be treated as fresh food and consumed within 72 hours of the delivery/collection date.

Fruit cakes usually have a longer shelf life if they have had alcohol added to them in the baking process.

Should you wish to store your top layer fruit cake, the icing and marzipan should be stripped off the cake, the cake then wrapped in Clingfilm and frozen until required.


Kupcake Heaven does engage in production for wholesale customers. Under no circumstance can any of the cakes, cupcakes or any baked goods produced at Kupcake Heaven be re-sold by a third party unless our wholesale agreement has been discussed and signed off by both parties. Our wholesale customers can enjoy a discounted pricing structure, however, the minimum quantities purchased will need to be adhered to in order to qualify for this. Under no circumstances are our wholesale customers allowed to re-brand any of our baked goods to pass off as their own. Under no circumstance is any customer allowed to re-sell any of our baked goods without a signed wholesale agreement in place.

Our brand identity and all recipes are trademarked so failure to comply with any of the above will result in serious legal action as this is a breach of our intellectual property.


Kupcake Heaven shall not be liable for any consequential loss to the customer whether this arises from a breach of contract or any other way. Kupcake Heaven’s total liability for any claim howsoever arising shall not exceed the price of the goods supplied by Kupcake Heaven to the customer.

If you are unhappy with your order and/or purchase, immediately notify us (within 24 hours of pick-up) of your concern and return your goods (minimum 95% of purchased goods) to us within a maximum of 48 hours from pick-up. Should the fault lie with Kupcake Heaven, Kupcake Heaven will refund you in full. If possible, Kupcake Heaven will try its utmost to replace said goods if the time frame permits.

Please note pictures are for general illustration only and the product may vary from that shown.


We will use your contact details (your name, telephone and your e-mail and postal addresses) to provide any services requested by you and also to tell you about important changes to the site and its functionality. These details will only be used by us and will not be passed to any other organisations.


In the case of fresh flower usage the responsibility of the flowers safety, quality, freshness, colour and safe food practice will rest with the florist and NOT WITH Kupcake Heaven.


The colours blue and purple or any shade of these colours cannot and will not be guaranteed. These colours are very unstable and tend to fade or bleed into surrounding colour of frosting.